League Rules


  1. Teams will be comprised only of players from schools that feed into the same high school ONLY.
  2. If a player attends a private school and that private school does not participate in the league, the player may ONLY play for the local school district that player lives in.  
  3. If a player is home schooled, that player may play for the local school district team that player lives in ONLY.
  4. If a player lives in a district that is not participating, they may not participate on a team from a different district.   
  5. All players will be certified by GYBA before the beginning of the season.  Players will be required to submit a registration form, copy of a birth certificate and grade report.


  1. Age divisions will be based upon grade level during the academic school year. 
  2. Age divisions are 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade & 8th Grade. 
  3. Players can not play in a lower grade level but may play up. 
  4. Player’s birthday can be no greater than one year beyond the age cut off for that grade. 
  5. There will be no B division.1 
  6. No player will be allowed to play on two teams at any time during the season. 


  1. NFHS basketball rules with the below adjustments
  2. Game length: 
    1. 4th/5th/6th Grade – Four 6 minute quarters 
    2. 7th/8th Grade – Four 7 minute quarters 
  3. Half Time – 2 minutes 
  4. Overtime – 2 minutes, in 2nd overtime the winner is the 1st team to score.
  5. Timeouts – three 1 minute, two 30 second, one 1 minute per overtime. Timeouts do accumulate and can be carried over between halves and into overtime. 
  6. Fouls – players foul out on the 5th personal foul. 1&1 will be shot after the 7th team foul; two free throws will be shot after the 10th team foul. 
  7. Mercy Rule – Once a team is ahead by 20 points, the clock will run continuously except during timeouts and injuries. If the point differential is reduced below 15, the clock will return to normal stoppages.
  8.  Ball Size – 
    1. 5th/6th Grade Boys & All Girls use 28.5 
    2. 7th/8th Grade Boys use 29.5